After Sales

At Lotus Properties our job does not end when you sign on the dotted line. In fact, this is the moment when we can show our true worth. Our after sales service sets industry standards. Our aim is simple: To ensure you can enjoy your new property at all times free of stress and the concerns generally associated with (second) home ownership.

Owning a home on the Costa del Sol while living and working elsewhere can be a daunting proposition. There may be language barriers to surmount, important correspondence that goes astray or arrives late, maintenance chores that can no longer be postponed or things that need mending. The list is nearly endless and, while possibly no cause for sleepless nights, may very well be at the root of a few worries.

At Lotus Properties we have both the local experience and the required expertise to tackle any and all issues affecting your property. We not only take the sting out of second home ownership, but aim to transform your home on the Costa del Sol into a source of pleasure and relaxation.

We don’t just hold your key, but we put it to work and not just by airing your property moments before your scheduled arrival. We ensure that your bills are paid on time, public and other services work as advertised and maintenance workers do their job properly. In fact, we take pride in keeping your second home in top condition. Our turn-key style of work ensures your peace of mind and guarantees optimal enjoyment of your precious time on the Costa del Sol.

Our after-sales service is not just available to our own clients. Should your second home be in need of some TLC, please give us a shout. We can help in ways you may not even have thought of: Solving outstanding issues, battling officialdom, fixing whatever is broken and, again, taking away all of your worries. And yes, after you’ve left, we do the laundry too and clean up thoroughly.

We maintain a roster of seasoned professionals and tradespeople who we have grown to trust and respect for the quality of their work and their dedication to a job well done. We inspect all the done work and apply for the highest standards of quality. We regularly check the properties entrusted to us, not just to air the ambience but to verify that all is in order. We also stay in regular touch with neighborhood watches who are instructed to promptly alert us whenever something out of the ordinary has happened.

Our after-sales service is available 24/7 and provides you with a periodic e-mail report on the status of your property.

“Your wish is our command. Your peace of mind is our goal.”

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