Sell your Property

By entrusting your villa, townhouse, apartment or building plot for sale to us, you engage a team of dedicated professionals who will do their utmost to swiftly find a buyer for your prized possession. We aim to take both the stress and headaches out of an otherwise possibly daunting process. No matter the prevailing market conditions, we are able to look far and wide to find the perfect match for your home.

Our rather unique multi-channel marketing approach ensures that your property is brought to the attention of discerning buyers in a plethora of creative ways. We do not merely sit around waiting for a buyer to magically appear. Instead, we go the extra mile or two looking for buyers by leveraging the latest Internet technologies and marketing techniques. Selling is an art rather than a science; and indeed, we are quite artful.

Increasing the Sales Potential

We want your house to sell as swiftly as you do. We also do not wish to waste your time with pointless viewings. We thoroughly vet each and every prospective buyer to ensure that all viewings we arrange carry real potential for a sale. Throughout the selling process, at Lotus Properties we will keep you updated regularly: We will tell you what we are doing and how market conditions are evolving and we will also stand ready to dispense any and all assistance or guidance you may need.

The selling process is a concert between the property’s owner(s) and the estate agent: We both need to have our ducks in a neat row to ensure success. This calls for a strategy. The first step is to draw up a selling plan around a sensible asking price. While establishing a property’s price may at times seem like a dark art, at Lotus Properties we adhere to straight talk: You will receive the lowdown on the price you may already have in mind.

Your guestimate may be either too low or even unrealistically high. While you remain in the driver’s seat at all time; we will not mince words and clearly explain the pros and cons of the different price points under consideration. We will also tell you what offers to expect from buyers and guide you through the negotiation process that usually follows. This is when our particular expertise comes into play: From experience we know and feel with an almost uncanny precision at what price point a prospective customer is going to either walk away or seal the deal. While perhaps not priceless, the experience and skills that we bring to the negotiating table will save you a bundle.

Enhanced Appeal

Lotus Properties will also suggest simple, yet effective ways for you to enhance your property’s appeal to buyers. We will show you how to help us market your home. The devil is in the details and getting those details right equals a job already half done.

We are exceedingly well informed about the buyers’ psyche and how buying decisions are made. For most people, acquiring a house is the biggest financial commitment they will ever make. This is not usually done on a whim. It is therefore essential to inform prospective buyers on any and all details of your property. Honesty is key: Lotus Properties doesn’t sell lemons: We sell the Costa del Sol lifestyle and strongly belief that for every home there is a buyer. It is our job to find that buyer who will instantly fall in love with your house. Our matchmaking skills are second to none.

Some Pitfalls to Avoid

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